Film Heritage

The Film Archive of Andalucía works to locate, recover and preserve the Andalusian cinematographic heritage by monitoring, assessing and safeguarding potential materials which could be owned by institutions, companies or individuals, in order to avoid their deterioration or permanent loss. The warehouse of the film material in the Film Archive offers and guarantees to its owners, at no cost, ideal conservation conditions suitable for this type of media.







The installation of three cold-storage rooms for the warehousing of the audiovisual material with stable maintenance of temperature and humidity levels, together with the adaptation to the safety medium of the flammable materials seek to avoid, as much as possible, the loss of a documentary heritage which is unique. One of the most outstanding projects that we are developing is the one of "Proyectomivida", which has the aim of detecting, recovering and preserving that kind of familiar and amateur cinema in the best conditions, and to digitize it spreading it in the broadcasting and knowledge networks, showing a social map of the past 100 years in the history of Andalucía.

Moreover, in the context of the new digital paradigm, the Film Archive is adapting its facilities and services in order to preserve the films produced in this type of media, according to the criteria established by the FIAF.

You can watch an illustration of our archive in our youtube channel.