The Film Archive of Andalucía is a benchmark for film research in our community, allowing both researchers and the wider audience to have access to the bibliographic, documentary and video-based collections, which are related with the audiovisual sector. This collection can be consulted online on the web page Red de Centros de Documentación y Bibliotecas Especializadas de la Junta de Andalucía, which the Film Archive of Andalucía belongs to.

a. Bibliographic collection  
The Film Archive of Andalucía facilitates the research and the study of cinema and the audiovisual media, providing the citizenship with specialized resources, consisting of  monographs, reference books and recurrent publications. Its variety of contents seeks to cover any aspect of the history, theory and techniques related to the cinematographic phenomenon, as well as the access to the most significant journals dealing with news about cinema.
In order to facilitate the access for users to the collection, the resources are organised into thematic blocks according to the classification prepared by the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF).
b. Video-based collection
The Film Archive of Andalucía facilitates the viewing of audiovisual productions. This collection is composed by the Depósito Legal de Andalucía, the donations of producers, institutions and individuals, as well as the acquisition of other national and international collections of productions. It also has a sound archive consisting of more than 600 film soundtracks.
c. Graphic collection
The Film Archive of Andalucía has a significant collection of posters, programmes and photographs. This graphic collection is shown on a regular basis at film festivals and organised activities with other cultural centres.



The audiovisual library is located in Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, C3A
Carmen Olmedo Checa, Street, Córdoba

Telephone.: 600 143 201