Educational Programmes


The Film Archive of Andalucía carries out educational programmes and activities intended for all the members of the educational pathway, from the youngest ages to those aimed at university and professional specialisation.

These activities make the Film Archive to be a consolidated cultural global and active centre, where cinematographic language is an end goal in itself, but also a means for the analysis, the debate and the collective reflection.

a.    Educational Programme.

In the Film Archive we have been carrying out different educational programmes, which every year bring the students of primary, secondary, high school and vocational education and training school closer to the cinema. The purpose of the programmes is to foster the knowledge of the audiovisual heritage and the defense of the cinematographic culture among de students. We think that we have to teach to look at the cinema and to look at the culture in the present, in order that there will be spectators in the future. It is our wish for the Film Archive to be known by the maximum number of students, so we can welcome visits of groups of a maximum of 200 individuals per session. As the space is limited, the groups will be allocated on a rigorous first-come, first-served basis. If your educational centre is interested in taking part in our programmes, please do not hesitate to send us your request to the following e-mail address:

b.   Cooperation with the Andalusian Universities.

The Film Archive, as a research centre which is dedicated to the cinema in Andalucía, has a free-flowing relationship with the Andalusian Universities, especially with Universidad de Córdoba, cooperating in the development of the Master¿s Degree in Cinematography, and also in activities of dissemination and research; and with Universidad de Sevilla, since the films, in this city, are screened in Cicus.