Audiovisual Library

With the opening of the C3A, the Film Archive of Andalucía expands its services with a new area of 700 square metres divided in two storeys, which is home of the bibliographic and video-based collection of the Film Archive.

In this new area:

  • Users have free access to the entire bibliographic and video-based collection of the centre, which has 6 specialized computers for consultation and specific areas reserved for researchers.
  • Users can have access to the major online platforms of cinema that are part of the Spanish and the international market, thanks to 10 individual viewing posts, which are equipped with HD 4k screens.
  • Users can develop small-scale activities which can be carried out in the audiovisual library itself.
  • Users can collaborate as a support of the audiovisual archive for the activities of the creators residing in the Centre.
In order to book a viewing post in the audiovisual library you can write an e-mail to, stating the date and time that you want to book (maximum time of 2 hours and a half per person).


The audiovisual library is located in Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, C3A
Carmen Olmedo Checa, Street, Córdoba

Telephone.: 600 143 201